unpopular wedding tips

from a photographer

First looks are not necessary

You do not have to do a first look to be able to have enough time to capture everything you want for your wedding day. First looks are extremely over marketed and they aren't for everyone. While they do help the timeline, you should only do one if this is what your dream day looks like. If you still want that moment when the doors open and you see your future spouse for the first time as you're walking to marry them, then do it! It's going to be a magical moment whenever you see them whether it's the two of you alone or at the ceremony.

Hold your partners hand during the reception

Receptions can quickly become overwhelming because this is the first chance that everyone has to congratulate you. While it comes from a good place, bride and grooms so easily get torn apart from each other saying hello, hi and giving all the hugs. Hold their hand as you go through the reception so you don't look up and you've spent an hour away from your new spouse and missing sharing those moments together.

If You wouldn't call someone to tell them news in your life they shouldn't get an inviation to your wedding

Guest lists are tough to nail down. So many bride and grooms get caught up in 'if I invite this person, I have to include these people." A really easy rule of thumb I highly suggest is if you wouldn't call them or talk to them when something new or exciting happens in your life then you don't need to send them an invite to your wedding. If they are not continuously a part of your life then take the stress out and don't send the invite.

you don't need to provide wedding favors

Your guests don't attend your wedding for something in return, they attend to celebrate your new marriage. Favors are fine if your heart is set on it, but they are not necessary. Most guest forget to pick them up because they've had so much fun at the reception and sending you off most guest just leave after you're gone. They aren't thinking to themselves, oh where's my goodie? Save the money, skip the favor!

Your bridal parties don't need to be even

In what universe does every single bride and groom have the exact same number of special people they want by their sides. Seems silly when you put it that way right? Put who you want in your wedding, the numbers don't matter. Your photographer will work with you if you're concerned about one side looking uneven. Don't put stress on choosing your bridal party based on a few photos, put who you want.