What to wear for a boho inspired engagement shoot

Lace, Long & Flowy!

Add some lace, a lot of length and little flow and you've mastered your boho engagement look! This dress is perfect for a more relaxed bridal look outdoors.

Tan Men's Pants

Adding a warm earthy tone brings out the boho style for men! Plus, avoid the fight with what to wear by convincing him it's just another shade of khaki!

Simple Button Down

A staple for most guys! You can never go wrong with a simple clean button down shirt for guys! A white button down is a great compliment to most outfits! Plus, most guys already have one so you can avoid the shopping trip for this piece!

What to wear for a polished engagement session

Navy is never wrong!

Singing "as long as I got my suit and tie!" You'll never regret having a navy suit in engagement photos! Navy pops with almost any setting, outdoor, indoor, street it works in all of them!

add a pop of color

Adding a little flare in your shoe choice polishes off a more sophisticated look perfectly! For a formal twist, I suggest a pointed toe! To keep it a little more relaxed go for something strappy and open toe!

ruffles for the win

Clean cut to perfection! Who doesn't love a classy engagement outfit! The ruffle will add some dimension as you're snuggling your other shoulder in tight to him for those romantic poses!

What to wear for a beach engagement session

free flowing, shoes optional!

We stan a dress that moves with the wind and has an open back! This is perfect for a beach engagement session as you walk along the water barefoot and the tip of your dress touching the sea as it blows in the wind!

living in linen

A soft touch of blue to tie into the ocean hues is a must for beach engagements sessions! A linen shirt gives you that lived in feel for the beach. Add a small roll to the sleeves to keep a relaxed look!

lightweight shorts

Pair the linen shirt with lightweight cotton short. Similar to linen it will give a lived in feel and more relaxed look than another fabric. Plus, less to handle when your photographer asks you to get in the water!